The National Cooperative NCAIGP

As part of the entrepreneurial project to exploit the gold deposits, COIPA MINING takes part and gives impetus to the project to establish the NCAIGP the National Cooperative of the Artisanal and Industrial Golden prospectors of South Sudan. The company, in fact, intends to sign an agreement with all the states of South Sudan, aimed at developing local cooperatives, involving people belonging to different tribes, in order to give impulse and regulation to the activities of artisanal gold prospectors , semi-industrial and industrial.
The initiative is linked to the specific territorial context and is aimed at the progress of the communities, through positive repercussions for the reference community.
NCAIGP was set up for a participated management of the labor demand, with the aim of providing the members themselves with those goods and services for the achievement of which the cooperative has arisen. First of all to get work at the best possible conditions for working members.