Social and Economic Enhancement

COIPA MINING believes that its success would not be full and complete if it did not participate in the construction of a better world: a world full of freedom of choices and opportunities, which opens its doors to an economy of progress, in which everyone can share success and results.

For this reason, focusing mainly on developing countries, the business activity of COIPA MINING is closely correlated with the cooperation in projects to improve the quality of life in the areas of intervention, through the destination of part of the profit achieved there, as well as with the direct use of industrial know-how and organizational resources.

In South Sudan, COIPA MINING's commitmentis mainly directed to the construction of primary infrastructures and to social and health advancements. In particular, hygiene and prophylaxis, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, communication channels, water networks, primary education, social housing, vocational training for local workers.
COIPA MINING participates in development and cooperation projects with associations, institutions, public and private institutions.