Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is one of the fundamental values of COIPA MINING, which pursues it on many levels, committing itself above all in three directions: the protection of the environment, the protection of health and safety, respect for human rights and workers' rights.

Environment. COIPA MINING minimizes the environmental impact of mining activities, believing that other important aspects related to the social and economic development of a territory are directly linked to the sustainability factor. The exploitation of mines is carried out according to gradual criteria and within precise compensatory parameters of the process of depletion of natural resources. The latter is opposed through recycling plans of different metals and non-combustible minerals and thanks to the constant commitment to technological advancement in prospecting and extraction operations.
Furthermore, COIPA MINING excludes the use of chemical substances harmful to the environment.

Health & Safety. The company has adopted a document containing strict provisions concerning good conduct for the protection of health and safety in the workplace. These guidelines cover practices for risk assessment and occupational safety and health management systems in the mining industry. The document also provides for internal sanctions for violations of the principles of good conduct enunciated and encourages cooperation and continuous improvement in matters of health and safety.

Human and worker rights. COIPA MINING recognizes the intrinsic dignity and the equality of the inalienable rights of man, inspired by the United Nations Charter that affirms them. The company, therefore, promotes social progress and the improvement of quality standards of life.
COIPA MINING recognizes the right to work, to the free choice of work, in conditions of dignity and respect. For this reason, every worker has the right to a fair and satisfactory remuneration, which ensures for himself and his family a dignified existence, to which - if necessary - the help of other means of social protection contributes.
Furthermore, every individual has the right to join trade unions and other organizations, aimed at protecting their own interests. Every worker has the right to rest and free time, which derive from a correct working time and from just paid holiday periods.
In the company policy of COIPA MINING, both craft and semi-industrial and industrial activities are certified by international organizations, which attest to the quality of work processes and their ethicality, with the exclusion of any type of child labor.