COIPA has designed the construction in South Sudan of a minerals refinery extracted on site, with an attached scientific unit for chemical and geological investigations. The structure will consist of advanced laboratories, which will boast highly specialized technologies and experienced personnel, for activities such as tests on metals, controls in mining, oil, aquifers, as well as on land, the atmosphere, the environment and the technical needs of the construction industry.

The scientific unit will be called Labortec and will be placed in the wide refinery spaces, according to the advanced project and drawn up by the architects Carmine Coppa, Michele Franzina and Agnese Iannuzzi. The technical-scientific center will have the task of serving every industrial sector, through public subjects and private companies, with a precise controlling role, at the service of various ministerial bodies, such as those of the Petroleum and the Mineral, Environmental, Health, Food and Pharmaceutical.

Furthermore, the technological laboratory will become an important point of reference for the bordering countries without such services. The expected output will consist in the provision of research and qualified services, reliable and compliant with the requirements of international laws..