About Us

Maximize the social repercussions of profit-making processes, in order to contribute to the general advancement of emerging market economies and open new market opportunities.
The vision of COIPA MINING is inspired by a new entrepreneurial humanism, in which the circularity of corporate interests and the growth of widespread well-being is self-perpetuated in virtuous form. This is an ambitious goal, in view of which the company has organized its structure around an integrated mission, which makes use of institutional and diplomatic relations with the countries of intervention, internal technical and scientific expertise and operational specializations. and management of internationally accredited partners.

The object of COIPA concerns:

  • exploration, prospecting and mining and oil extraction;
  • the refining activity of the extracted minerals;
  • research and application in science and technology;
  • international marketing of precious metals.

Operating within a solid industrial group composed of several specialized companies, COIPA is also involved in the design and construction of important works in the renewable energy, real estate, industrial and civil infrastructure sectors, with partnership consultations in many countries, in the world.